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6 Spots for Great Food (and drink) in Belize City

From ceviche to rum, I got you covered

Here is a list of 6 top spots to enjoy great food and drinks in Belize City, Belize.

A lot of travelers to Belize skip Belize City—it has a reputation for being crime-ridden and dangerous—but you know me, I’m always here to find the beauty and great food and drink even in unexpected places– and share them with you. 

There are a number of great spots to visit in Belize City, especially for foodies! Of course you need to be careful and know where to go/not go, and don’t walk alone at night or in isolated places, like any city. But once you know where to go, and take a swig of craft beer, a taste of stewed chicken and a sip of rum, you’ll be happy you stayed. Belize City eateries cater mainly to locals so the hours may be limited.

1. Di Bruwry at Belikin’s brewery by the airport. Belikin beer is manufactured in Belize  and owned by a Belizean company – buy local! And Belize’s first craft brewery, Two 5 Brewing, is located within the Belikin facility. It’s close to the airport so a great place to check out post or pre-flight—it boasts super clean bathrooms and yard games too! The mixed ceviche and fevergrass beer are a great way to start your vacation.

2. El Chapito’s in Ladyville ( Corner Pigeon n Carpenter streets) near the airport is worth a visit. Get the steak tacos seared to perfection with a creamy avocado sauce and pico. The tortillas are a bit crispy which I love. Wash it down with the local Belikin 501 beer. Yum!

steak tacos from El Chapito

3. The Tavern (2 Mapp St) – A local’s spot! The Tavern serves great drinks, and delicious apps with a slightly european pub vibe. Try the  seafood cream cheese wontons with a locally made sweet dipping sauce. Don’t forget the two for one margarita specials at happy hour!

4. The Green Shop (1159, Coney Dr.) – A classic walk up spot that specializes in just a few local dishes. Fry jack for breakfast and stewed chicken for lunch, please! As with many fast food options, they also have delicious fresh juices or soda. Closed on weekends (remember Belize city restaurants typically cater to locals and their work hours!)

5. BakeD (#10 Corner H and 17th Street) is the perfect place for a latte (they even have milk alternatives) and great bakery-they are famous for rum cake! Be sure to grab a fresh watermelon juice to stay hydrated. Delicious! The interior of BakeD is very nice and comfortable, featuring tables made with recycled barrels for Travelers Liquors!

Latte and Watermelon juice from BakeD

6. Travellers Liquors (2.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway) – don’t miss a tour of Travellers! The hour-long experience  of this family owned distillery is so interesting and ends with samples! They even offer boozy slushies. Try the piña colada with an extra shot of kuknat rum:) You’ll thank me later. Grab a bottle or two for the trip home or your next destination.

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