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I spend HOURS planning trips and creating relationships with the people I work with when I travel. Now I get to share that with you! Enjoy my fully VETTED itineraries based on places I’ve traveled. OR send an email ( for travel planning services anywhere you are headed.

These downloadable itineraries include contacts, phone numbers, clickable links and suggestions for places to go, things to do and restaurants you won’t want to miss PLUS special discounts on activities and experiences just for you! Where are you headed next?

Otehlia in Panama

Panama City 5-Day Itinerary

This 5-day itinerary includes suggestions for places to eat, to stay and experiences including phone numbers, links and also my contact for transportation services. This itinerary is based out of Panama City, with day trips to nearby places. Only $29.99.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on a SALSA dance class, Hotel Stay and Local Market FOOD TOUR included!

  • 3 exclusive discount codes (dance class, food tour and hotel stay on Taboga)
  • 2 accommodations
  • transportation info
  • entry requirement links including health form and covid testing
  • tourist attractions including Embera village tour, beach outing
  • tips for travelers/things to do
  • restaurant recommendations

All recommendations include links and direct WhatsApp contact numbers.

We do not offer refunds for our itinerary services. For custom itinerary help or travel planning go HERE
To join us on a tour, go HERE

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Otehlia on the Beach

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