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Travel Planning Services

Let me help you plan and book your dream trip!

Otehlia has over 12 years in business, leading and planning culinary tours and, as an independent travel agent, is here to help you!

From finding the best prices on lodging, transportation and flights to booking the perfect excursions for you and yours, I am here to help. I LOVE doing the research so you don’t have to. My strength comes from my ability to make connections easily and to build relationships with people that will help me help you book a memorable, safe and reliable trip. I specialize in custom travel planning AND I focus on supporting businesses and people that offer sustainable, intrepid travel experiences.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of booking a trip, or missed an excursion because you didn’t book in advance? I’m here to help make sure you get to relax and enjoy your trip. Let me help plan and book your next adventure! As a travel agent I am able to offer the best prices, and continue in my commitment to sustainable tourism by working with local communities. I’m digging deep and working hard to partner with local people wherever YOU go!

Rates start at $150/hour for a la carte services or full multi-day itinerary planning and booking starting at $100/1-6 people on same itinerary. Read more here.

Any children under 2 traveling in your group?(Required)
Is your budget flexible?
What type of vacation would you like to experience?
What services/accommodations are needed:
Services Desired
Type of Traveler
Let’s getaway, Let’s experience, Let’s immerse

Ready to take that trip?

We’re here to help! Where are your dreams taking you next?

We tailor your trip to YOU, helping connect you with the right people and places to make your experience exactly what you want and unexpected in the best way. Schedule a 30-minute consultation call ($50 deposit required) or answer a few questions in the form to help us get started.

After this information is collected, please allow 72 hours for your pricing proposal. Once we have agreed on the pricing, you will receive an invoice for payment.

Let’s Talk

15-30 min free consultation

This is how I gather information to make sure I am planning the trip of your dreams.

à la carte

$150/hour for general trip research or calls to discuss your trip (after the 30 minute consultation), minimum of 1 hour for general questions, or my time to research things for your trip, or booking a la carte items such as transfers, arrival assistance, dining or spa reservations or activities at your destination.

Travel Planning & Packages

For travel planning services, there IS ONE fee that will be collected upFRONT

1. Travel Planning Fee


For a trip that is 1-4 nights


For a trip that is 5-10 nights


For a trip that is 11-15 nights

collected up front

The fees are based on the vacation type and number of people on the same itinerary. They can be paid for via PayPal or Zelle.

The travel planning fee for trips longer than 15 days will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

PACKAGE #1. LET’S GETAWAY – great for travelers looking for a vacation package with minimal customization.


  • Starting at $100 for up to 6 travelers for 1-4 nights at one location
  • Research Fee
  • 15 min consultation call
  • 2-3 Vacation Package Options
  • Book accommodations (hotel/villa, flight, car rental, insurance, cruise)
  • Book up to 3 excursions
  • Travel requirements and checklist before travel
  • 2 revisions

PACKAGE #2. LET’S EXPERIENCE – great for travelers looking for a customized or immersive experience.


  • Starting at $200 for up to 6 travelers for 1-4 nights at one location
  • Research Fee
  • 2-3 Customized Vacation Package Options
  • 30 min consultation call
  • Book accommodations (hotel/villa, flight, car rental, insurance, cruise )
  • Book all excursions
  • Travel requirements and checklist
  • On and offline itinerary for you and all guests traveling on same reservation
  • 3-4 revisions

PACKAGE #3. LET’S IMMERSE – great for travelers looking for a LUXURY customized or immersive experience.

  • Starting at $400 for up to 6 travelers for 1-4 nights at one location
  • Research Fee
  • Unlimited Customized Vacation Package Options
  • 30 min consultation call
  • Book accommodations (hotel/villa, flight, car rental, insurance, cruise )
  • Book all excursions
  • Travel requirements and checklist
  • Complimentary list of suggested things to do
  • On and offline itinerary for you and all guests traveling on same reservation
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Complimentary check in and booking confirmation
  • Concierge service while traveling

The planning fees listed above includes our initial consultation, the time involved in research and development of the itinerary, and close consultation with you on revisions until all the details match your needs. Charging a fee allows us to allocate the appropriate time and resources needed during this important phase of itinerary development. The variance in the fee depends on the number of add-on services such as locations and experiences you want, if you need hotels, car rentals and flight packages, etc.

The travel planning fee is non-refundable should you decide you don’t want to book the trip or cancel the trip for whatever reason including a force majeure event as defined in our terms and conditions. If you want to explore a different destination entirely additional fees may apply.

*Cuba Travel Surcharge

Due to the complicated nature of travel planning to Cuba, an additional $250 is charged to the above costs. This includes important things to know about traveling to Cuba such as what to bring, things to remember, things to know, apps to have, etc.

2. Travel Agent Benefits

Traveling is my profession! This means that I can research and find the BEST travel options for you, and any deals that are out there for your desired destination. Travel agents handle the details, and that means we also handle any issues that arise. I am here for you before, during and after the trip! And, I spend the time on the details so you don’t have to. All you have to do is pack your bags and show up! Now that’s a vacation.

There is NO ADDITIONAL FEE for this service. Aside from the travel planning fee, as an independent travel agent, I am able to leverage my resources and book the experiences for you. Refunds and cancellations will be based on the policies of the bookings.

Search and book your own experiences here!

Additional Fees


Travel that is requested less than 30 days prior to departure will be subject to a $200 rush booking fee, which is in addition to the standard trip consultation and management fees.


Should you need to rebook your trip, for whatever reason, you may be subject to a rebooking fee of $200 each time you need to rebook a single trip (entire itinerary). This is in addition to any fees charged by the tour companies or hotels.

Concierge Fee

$50/day during your trip allows for unlimited access to me for questions, issues that arise, rebooking, etc (does not include any fees associated with rebooking, booking or cancellations). This fee must be paid up front and is non-refundable. INCLUDED in LET’S IMMERSE travel planning package.


There is a 5% credit card processing fee for all credit card transactions. Fee-less payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle.

**There will be a 15% fee added to non-commissionable bookings.

Additional Cuba Travel Planning Fees

Itinerary: $100 I will assist you to write your required itinerary 

Visa Purchase: $25 (Plus cost of VISA/Shipping – Visa cost $85 each/ Shipping $27 per envelope).

I will order your visa for you and have it delivered. The fee is per visa and does not include the cost of the visa. Shipping costs stay the same if all visas are shipped together.

Otehlia Travels is a boutique travel company that helps you have real experiences by creating custom travel plans and itineraries for you!

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