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Welcome to Otehlia Travels!

A woman-led and owned travel company I created out of my passion to break down cultural barriers and share the stories of people from diverse backgrounds through food-focused experiences.

I offer small group tours, adventures and travel planning services that are well-run, safe, fun and immersive cultural and culinary experiences that you won’t get elsewhere.

Otehlia Travels offers one-of-a-kind experiences that give back. I work directly with local tour guides, restaurateurs, chefs, and families to ensure that your money supports the communities in which you travel. Are you ready to join the adventure?

In grad school, I studied Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development. I took groups of students to Mali and Guinea to study dance in its cultural context. I didn’t think “I’m a travel planner and a tour guide.” I just wanted to share an incredible experience with people who might not be comfortable going on their own or know HOW to get there.

After college, I went to visit a friend in the Yucatan, Mexico. I remember thinking, “The food in the Yucatan is so much more than the tacos we get in Wisconsin! I should bring people here to learn about it!” I set up a cooking vacation where people learned to cook the foods of the Yucatan peninsula. But even at that time, I didn’t have a designated travel brand. It’s just what I did.

Since then, I’ve traveled and taken groups to Cuba and Belize, and along the way realized that it’s my mission to share the histories, stories and passions of real people all over the world who are working to build a small business to support their families — people who are trying to maintain their culture and sustain their communities. Are you ready to go?

Sharing food, immersive experiences and fun adventures is the way to connect.  It’s simply what I do. And I can’t wait for you to join me.

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