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6 ways you can travel for free (or nearly free)

Let’s be honest. When they say nothing in life is free, it’s mostly true. I mean one could argue that love and sunshine are free…but that’s getting pretty philosophical.

There are some tips and tricks, however, that have helped me travel for less. How have I traveled for free? From earning flight credits to making travel part of my work, I have been able to travel for “free” or nearly free. And you can too. Want to know my secrets? Here are 6 ways you can travel for free (or at least for less).

6 ways you can travel for free (or nearly free)

  1. Open credit cards (and then pay them off)

There are some people who make it their life to explain points and how to maximize points on credit cards, and that person is not me. BUT I am a convert – I used my debit cards until about 3 years ago! I KNOW!!

The cards I currently have are Capital One, United Mileage Plus, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Barklay, Citi Bank American Airlines. They all offer different benefits and different sign on bonuses. I use them for my business expenses. 

CSR has the highest fee at BUT credits any travel expenses up to $300, has great travel protection and also gives access to Priority Pass lounges across the world which I use ALL THE TIME. Currently,  you can earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in the first three months from account opening.

This year I have paid for a flight and a hotel in Belize, a flight to Brazil, a flight to Oaxaca, and a flight to Michigan, all with miles from cards.

2. Be flexible!

Be flexible with travel plans – going to a destination based on the flight costs and cheaper travel dates is a great option if you have flexibility (and a sense of adventure). This is how I first ended up in Belize and Oaxaca! Go to Google travel and hit explore and select your window of travel dates and GOOOOO…

3. Lead group trips

Become a group trip leader – okay this one is not necessarily easy (but then again neither is navigating the world of miles and points!). Leading group trips is a great way to have your travel paid for BUT obviously you need a group. Want to learn more about how to organize and lead group trips? I’m happy to offer a consultation! Email me to set up an appointment.

4. Become a travel agent

Did you know that I am an Independent Travel Agent? Travel agent benefits can be quite nice! Free stays, FAM trips and discounted rates. Plus I get to help people travel for less, as well, as I can often find the best prices for travelers!

5. Travel influencing

I have a ways to go and this is not a focus of my business, but I have been able to leverage my social media following to get complimentary or even paid experiences and accommodations when I travel. Of course social media is a whole other sport, and not for everyone. I started showing up on social media just because I love it, it was a creative outlet, and a way to build trust with my clients. From there I found that it grew my customer base.

6. Study abroad

It’s been a while since I was a student, but I did manage to travel as a student by taking classes that had a travel component (learn about tropical botany in Bahamas) or by applying for research funding. I received the NSEP Boren Award and studied in Mali and Cameroon.

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