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5 Easy Ways to Travel for Less!

Want to travel on a budget? I got you!

Ready to get away? Same!! Though luxury travel may be an option for some, many of us still want to travel on a budget. Here are 5 easy ways to travel on a budget. You can maximize your money and still take the trip of a lifetime. I have found that by using a few easy tricks, and also being a bit flexible, you can travel more, for less.

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5 easy ways to travel on a budget

  1. Travel during the shoulder season

Traveling off season, even by a few weeks, can make a huge difference in cost. Accommodations especially offer great rates for travel during their off season. And shoulder season often means you still get the desirable weather, without the high costs. If you have some flexibility with your travel, go at the beginning or the end of the high season. Last year I went to Belize in August, which is a great time to travel there, and Italy in November.

Otehlia Cassidy on the beach
Belize in August

Choose an adventure! For spring break, my sister and I planned to meet halfway (she lives in Brazil). We scouted prices for Central American and ended up in Panama! Recently I decided that I wanted to travel the last weekend in September and I wanted to go somewhere in Mexico that I haven’t been before. When I did a search,  the most affordable option that came up was Oaxaca. Oaxaca, here I come! Be open to what is available.

Otehlia in Panama
Casco Viejo Panama
  1. Use your points and miles!

Get a credit card that works for you. I now have three credit cards that accrue points – one I just use for miles with United (United Explorer by Chase), and two I use for points OR miles. Keeping track of the cards, points and renewals is easy on the Travel Freely app. (not an add, just a suggestion). I booked my fall trip to Italy using my United points!

I like the Capital One Spark card for business And for personal expenses, I like the Capital One quicksilver

Naples Italy – booked on points!
  1. Book with the hotel directly

Often if you contact a hotel directly, you can ask for an upgrade or a lower rate. This is particularly true if you are booking off season or shoulder season. Reach out and ask if they have special rates for multiple days, or weekdays. I also like booking directly with a hotel to ensure I can verify cancellation rates and rules and ask for things like early check in. On a recent trip to Ann Arbor, MI, I booked with the Graduate Hotel and they gave me a friends and family rate for the date. It was a Sunday and they were not full.

Charmant Hotel, La Crosse WI
  1. Eat where the locals do

You know I had to get around to the food. The easiest (and best, in my opinion) way to enjoy great and inexpensive food is to eat where the locals do. Check out our other blog posts and Instagram Guides for local eats whenever I travel!

Otehlia on the Beach

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