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Top 12 Food and Drink spots on San Juan

From Old San Juan to Condado, these are a few of my favorite things

Puerto Rico is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or longer! There is so much to do in and around San Juan, Puerto Rico. The food is delicious, a mix of Latin and Caribbean cuisine, and the city itself is full of vibrant restaurants, great neighborhoods, delicious bakeries and of course gorgeous beaches. Whether you are there for a few days, or longer you will enjoy yourself for sure! Here is a list of my top 12 spots for food and drink in and around San Juan.


Calle Loiza

PINKY’S 1902 Loíza Street (Also 1351 Ashford St. in Condado)

Pinky’s is open for early morning coffee and breakfast – it opens at 7 where as most other places open at 8 am. You can’t go wrong with the savory breakfast offerings and delicious smoothies and juices. Try the Go Green juice with spinach, banana and honey. Hungry? Add the the mallorca sandwich with ham, swiss cheese and 3 fried eggs.

CAFE CON CE 1765 Loíza Street

Check out Cafe Con Ce for delicious coffee brewed perfectly and fresh juices to go. The latte is made perfectly, and they have almond or soy milk for a non-dairy option. The homemade desserts feature local ingredients such as yucca and guava. Delicious quiche is available for a heartier meal. There’s plenty of open air seating outside.

Fresh juice and coffee from Cafe Con Ce

PANUCHOS 1762 Loíza Street

Panuchos is a great spot for Mexican food. Try the shrimp tacos with a rich savory sauce and melted cheese, or the nachos mixtos loaded with black bean puree, guacamole, jalapenos, crema and cheese. The street corn is a must with a cold beer.

Panuchos loaded nachos, street corn and beer

CUERVA DEL MAR 1857 Calle Loíza

A favorite place for traditional Puerto Rican fare and incredible seafood. The mofongo with conch is a must! Mofongo is a traditional pounded root vegetable mash, like mashed potatoes, and it is served with a rich meat sauce. Try it with conch or crab! The conch is harvested locally and is superb. You can choose your sauce (I like creole) served with a side salad. The whole fried snapper is also delicious!

Mofongo at Cuerva del Mar


BISTRO CAFE 29 C. Júpiter

The avocado relleno with fried pork, crispy delicious is perfectly cooked pork with two big sweet plantains and plantain chips. Drizzled with the popular mayo-ketchup sauce. The Cubano sandwich was piled high with sliced ham, pork tenderloin mustard and pickles on the softest most delicious bread. Skip the dessert (ok fine, get those nutella waffles) and just make it a double cocktail – the mojito de platel is so good! A passion fruit popsicle in a refreshing mojito. YUM! PRO TIP: arrive early to get your name on the list. The wait is no joke and totally worth it.

Old san Juan

311 TROIS CENT ONZE 311 C. de la Fortaleza

This is fine dining at its best – Want something different? The menu at 311 is refined French cuisine, focused on wine parking and the freshest ingredients. Try the pan seared grouper of the mushroom risotto and ask your server for the wine recommendation. The carry out menu is fit for a family including savory quiche or scrumptious beef bourguignon served with rice.

MUELLE 13 #311 C. del Recinto Sur

Located in Old San Juan it offers lots of delicious small plates and appetizers. I loved the chorizo croquettes – a fancy version of the alcapurria, a traditional dish of meat stuffed dough made from local root veggies. This variation was perfectly crisp and delicious on a bed of cream sauce. Also try their ceviche which is to die for.

Chorizo croquettes

CAFE EL PUNTO 105 C. de la Fortaleza

Where peru meets Puerto Rico – Traditional caribbean food and a delightful cevide. Don’t miss the stuffed avocado with lobster. For starters, try the alcapurria, a traditional Puerto Rican empanada made from local root vegetables stuffed with ground beef. The fresh ceviche made in the Peruvian style with a delicious leche de tigre is a must! The hallway leading to the restaurant is great for shopping as well, full of arts and crafts and souvenirs.

CHOCOLATO 209 C. de San Francisco

End your meal or stop by for a snack at this popular and delightful gelato shop! Don’t forget to add a little booze to your dessert. Try the peanut butter and frangelico or the tamarind with rum!



CASITA MIRAMAR 00907, 605 Av. Miramar

A gem of a restaurant featuring local food with an elegant, modern presentation. The beautiful upstairs dining area is perfect for a casual but elegant dinner. Try the coconut arepas with cod fish stew, and the tostones to start. The chicken and churrasco mofongo are fantastic! and don’t forget dessert — their tres leches cake is one of the best I’ve tasted.


Don’t forget Pinchos on the beach! The marinated beef or pork skewers are the key to making it through a long day of sun, sand and surf


ANTIGUO26 261 C. de Tetuán

Craft cocktail fans do not miss this! A historic bar focusing on craft cocktails. Everything is made in house except the spirits. I had the rum old fashioned with Puerto Rican rum, demerara syrup, and chocolate bitters. Try the house specialty with local rum, ‘Tocino’ fat, maple syrup, bitters and saline, with a dark chocolate bacon garnich. Hungry? The little bites are delicious. Try the tuna tartare with wasabi aioli, microgreens,  house made mango jam, and a side of hand-cut fried plantain strips.

Antiguo 26

LA FACTORIA 148 C. San Sebastián

Incredible historic bar that was named one of the 50 top bars in PR and won a James beard Award. A series of 6 bars (some may not be open yet due to Covid), each with its own vibe and music. The first room alone is amazing, and opens to the cobblestone street for an old world vibe. Try the Champeta made with Don Q Añejo, Pineapple and ginger fermentation. The mocktail version of this is great! 

Otehlia on the Beach

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