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Otehlia Travels offers one-of-a-kind experiences that give back. I work directly with local tour guides, restaurateurs, chefs, and families to ensure that your money supports the communities in which you travel. I personally lead you to make sure you are having the best trip possible. Are you ready to join the adventure?

On a food tour you expect to enjoy your sense of taste. Otehlia made sure all senses were heightened! The smells of food, beach, jungle. The sights: lush plants, lovely water, animals particularly the fish when snorkeling. The sound of the birds, waves, sea breeze, even a howler monkey! Not only eating the local food, helping make it while learning about the culture behind it. Super fun tour! SO glad I went!

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6 Essential Travel Apps for 2023

Being prepared when you travel is key, and having the right apps for your trip is a must. From communicating, to itinerary management, to finding your way around, apps can help. I even discovered a great app for tracking cash purchases and expenses! Here are 5 essential apps I use when I travel. One of these is specific to Cuba. 

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One of the most complicated things to deal with when traveling to Cuba is the currency. And travelers from the US face even greater complications. I’m here to help! From the basics of how much to bring, how to deal with security of your cash, where to exchange money and the darn digital currency card, to the complexity of where you can spend your money and how to track it, and whether you should pay in local currency or dollars, I got you covered. 

5 must-visit restaurants in Havana, Cuba

Havana’s food scene has blossomed and luckily for the US visitor, there are a number of great restaurants that we are legally able to support while eating a great meal. The cuisine ranges from typical Cuban fare to international dishes. Here are 5 of my top restaurants to visit on your next trip to Havana, Cuba.

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Here are the top 9 best local restaurants on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Isla Mujeres, Mexico is home to many great local restaurants and bars that showcase Mexican and international cuisine.

Otehlia Travels Wins Project Pitch It

Madison-Based Travel Experience Company Takes Home Entrepreneurship Grand Prize In the fall of 2021 I launched Otehlia Travels Otehlia Travels is a dedicated travel brand and business that I developed…

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