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Otehlia Travels Wins Project Pitch It

Madison-Based Travel Experience Company Takes Home Entrepreneurship Grand Prize

In the fall of 2021 I launched Otehlia Travels

Otehlia Travels is a dedicated travel brand and business that I developed while running Madison Eats. I challenged myself and believed in my goals, even when I doubted myself. I listened to those who believed in me, rather than those who were afraid of my success.

Entering Project Pitch It

Right after launch, I pitched Otehlia Travels on Project Pitch It, a Wisconsin based pitch competition for local entrepreneurs. And I won!

As I stood in front of a panel of business moguls and told them I was worth the investment – I was scared. (“Nerve-cited” as my daughter says.) Honest talk—I was thinking there was NO WAY I would win because what I offer is an experience not a product. But I also believe in my vision and I believe in the power of coming together over food to make the world a better place.

Travel is Powerful, Valuable and Worth It!

And I know that travel, though not a material object, is one of the most valuable things around. And I’m glad that the moguls at Project Pitch It know that too. I won the grand prize! I was shocked, but deep down, I knew the value of the experiences I offer.

Dream It, Then Do It

“There is no box, and no ceiling”…your thoughts are the limiting factor in reaching your dreams. And too often our thoughts are limited by what other people think is possible. So I want to suggest that today you take just one minute to ask yourself what is your dream? And then take one small, even scary step towards it. Project Pitch It is a great way to step into your dreams and clarify your path to reach it. And who knows, the winning idea might just be yours!

Check out the video of my pitch below!

Otehlia on the Beach

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