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From colorful walls to rooftop views, Oaxaca City is a photographers dream!

Oaxaca City is a photographer’s dream! The streets are lined with colorful buildings, art, and adorned with flags. The trees are in bloom and the food and people around illustrate the flavors and liveliness of the city, and its photo worthiness. From cute neighborhoods to illustrious walls and scenic views, there are so many great spots for photos in Oaxaca City. Here are 6 of the most instagrammable spots in Oaxaca City.


This entire neighborhood in an Instagram shot, from the rainbows of fluttery flags to the gorgeous building facades and cobble streets. I love the play of colors at the ice cream shop and the shadows cast by the flights that line the streets. Plus you can get delicious ice cream at Besos helados which is certain to add to your shot. I went for colorful flavors to match my outfit but was very tempted to try the grasshopper ice cream.

Any Ceiba tree in bloom

I have seen many ceiba trees (these trees are sacred to the Mayans) but never saw one in bloom until I went to Oaxaca, The gorgeous array of magenta flowers are INCREDIBLE and the perfect backdrop to any photo. The trees rise high above and produce gorgeous purple blooms that have a waxy texture like an orchid. Be careful as the branches have thorns.

Santo Domingo Church 

All of downtown Oaxaca is an instagram worthy dream, but this famous church provides such a majestic backdrop for a photoshoot, and there is always something going on that makes for a fun shoot, from weddings to local musicians to people selling wares. PRO  TIP: go just before sunset for that golden glow!

Any Rooftop

There are so many great rooftop restaurants and they make the perfect spot for a foodie instagram shot. There are SO MANY rooftop restaurants. Two of my faves were tierra del sol and La Casa del Tio Güero. Order a drink, stand with the mountains as your backdrop and smile away. Plus you can order some colorful food to accentuate the shoot (while satisfying your belly).


This historic neighborhood north of the centro is super instagrammable and features a historic aqueduct that runs the length of the neighborhood. It is also home to one of my favorite dishes I had during my visit (the agua chile at the restaurant Ancestral).  PRO TIP: check it out at night to capture the glow from the iron street lamps.

Any doorway or wall

With every wall being painted a beautiful color, murals galore, historic arches, stone work and lampposts, the entire city is a backdrop for every mood and photo op. Plus the sunlight hits on the walls and the doorways which naturally frame you for stunning photos every time.

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